• Anubis

    This is my Anubis project. The first project I've ever done where I fully modeled and textured in MudBox. Sketchfab coming soon!
  • Anubis-Side

  • Anubis-rear face

    Anubis-rear face
  • Composite Mustang

    Composite Mustang
  • Mustang with layered rendering

    This one picture is actually 6 different renderings pieced together with photoshop. Diffuse, Color, Reflection, Highlight, Glow, and Ambient Occlusion
    Mustang with layered rendering
  • 69 Mustang Shelby(New Model)

    Click link in gallery description to see a less detailed 3D version
    Mustang, 3d model, car
    69 Mustang Shelby(New Model)
  • 69 Mustang Shelby(Old Model) Garage

    I Made the 69 Mustage Shelby for a class project. After school, I decided to create a background for it. Created all in 3DS Max.
    Car, Mustang, Shelby, Garage
    69 Mustang Shelby(Old Model) Garage
  • That 70s Show Remake

    3d model created using 3DS MAX. Recreation of the living room from That 70's Show (1998-2006)
    That 70s Show, 3d model
    That 70s Show Remake

3D Art

    1969 Mustang Shelby     by khunt827     on Sketchfab

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